What is GameHandout

Participate for entries, and win free steam games!

GameHandout is a website where you’re able to participate in certain events and gain entries to win free steam games. By doing very small things like following our social media, joining our discord, sharing posts, and visiting our partner websites you’re able to gain entries to win exclusive, unique, AAA, and other various games on Steam, Origin, uPlay, and more! It’s that simple!


What’s the catch?

Well, as stated, you have to visit, like, and follow certain pages, websites, and social media to win the games. This can also include our Partner websites, and services. This makes it so we gain traffic, viewers, as well as income through partnerships, as well as services Xyphien LLC provides. Meaning, in doing these small things you give us money to be able to give out even better games!

How to enter?

Participating is easy! All you have to do is scroll down to the next section, from there you’re now able to enter into any one of the entries. The more you do, the more chance you have at winning the giveaway!

Enter into events

Join our social media, visit our partner websites, tweet about us, and more!

Gain Entries

For doing the first step you will gain entries depending on the thing you do. These are clearly indicated on every event.


At the end of every Handout we will chose a winner, the more entries you have the higher chance of winning!

Project Cars 2

Current Game Handout!


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are all the Frequently Asked Questions that we get! If you have any more, don’t hesitate to ask by filling out the form at the bottom of the page!

Is this a scam?

As stated above, with every participation you do, we gain more traffic, SEO, as well as support our Partners which makes us money. It's a Quid pro quo service. You help us out, and in return you can win free games. TL;DR: No.

What happens if I won?

If you've won, I will contact you directly. This means you MUST have a valid email, as well as join whatever it is you've visited. If you're found to not be apart of what you won, or do not have a valid email you will be disqualified and a new winner will be chosen.

How are winners chosen?

Winners are chosen at random. Every entry you have is pretty much a ticket. Once the contest is over, the website will pick from random, a ticket and that person will be placed as a winner.

I had 100 entries and the winner only had 10 why?

As stated above, entries are in essence a ticket. Just because you have 100 tickets, and someone else only has 10 doesn't guarantee you the drawing. If I were to put my hand in a hat and draw a random ticket, there's still a chance the person with 10 tickets can get chosen.

How to Partner with Gamehandout?

Partnering is easy! Go to the contact page below and mention you'd like to partner with us.

What do you get for partnering with GameHandout?

Depending on the Partnership Plan you can get a link on our website, which comes standard with every plan. Some things you get are links to your pages on a AAA game, indie game, etc. You can get your social media being shared, tweeted about, and other forms of that nature. Anything we offer on our contests you're able to get depending on your plan and our discussion.

What are the plans?

You have the following: Entry Plan. This is $10/mo this will get you added as a Partner on our website. Basic Plan: This is $20/mo and will get you everything in the above tier plus an entry on either 1 AAA game for that month, or two indie games for the month. Gamer Plan: This is $50/mo and will get you everything in the above tier PLUS 2 extra entries, as well as a tweet of your choice being added as an entry.

Do you do giveaways on your communities?

Every community I own does giveaways. Even my company gives out things from time to time. Our discord has a currency system for being active which you can redeem for free stuff like games, shout outs, and more! The forums do as well!

How do I join your communities?

All of our communities are listed at the top of the website. Just scroll up to see them!

Who's in charge of the communities?

That would be Xyphien. Xyphien is the owner of Xyphien LLC which is the main support for GameHandout. This being said, he's in charge of everything relating to the communities.


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