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Hello Gamers! We're proud to announce a posting contest going on from now until March 21st (Exactly one month from today!) In this we will need at least 15 active members with at least 10 posts in order for this contest to follow through. In this month we are looking for the most active, and helpful people. We're not looking at just post count, but what you're posts are, the amount of topics you create, etc. If you made 20 topics, and another person makes 30 posts, more than likely you're going to be above the 30 post user as topics outweigh posts 3 to 1. (Hints why you also get more GH$ for making topics)

At the end of the month we will be looking for who made the most topics, posts, and how good your posts were. (Meaning if you make 2-3 word responses they won't count vs. making an engaging response that spikes more conversations)

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I usually try to stay away from internet drama, but this one got me as it involves the #1 most subscribed channel on YouTube so it's kind of unavoidable.
You probably heard this by now, but here's TL;DR for anyone who hasn't.
PewDiePie used some edgy humour in his latest videos (Nazi imagery, offensive jokes etc.) and Wall Street Journal and other media outlets took it out of context and continued pushing the narrative that PewDiePie and his fans are neo-Nazi gathering camp on YouTube. Some other celebrities like J.K. Rowling jumped on the bandwagon as well. Besides joke-policing, they have contacted his parent company Maker Studios and it resulted with Pewds having ties severed by Disney (which is kind of reasonable since Disney IS in fact family friendly company) and having his YouTube Red series cancelled.
PewDiePie got a lot of positive reactions from the internet defending him and blaming the media for taking the parts out of context and proving his point.
What do you think about the whole situation? What do you think about PewDiePie's behaviour?
Also, if there are any updates I will post down below in the comments.

RaiseGamer is a new form of crowdfunding site. However, instead of donating money, you donate a tweet, facebook, post, and or tumbler. This will make a post directly on the site you chose, and allow the game to get more fanbase, and exposure.

How does RaiseGamer work?

RaiseGamer is a crowd-speaking method that deals with social reach and not with money. Users will be able to support your campaign agreeing to share your message with their profile in their choosen social network.

Help support indie game developers as well as their games by checking out RaiseGamer, and broadcasting their campaign!

Here's the link to the game on steam.
Here's the link to the deal -> https://www.indiegala.com/
You have to scroll down to where it says "Subscribe to our Youtube Channel", ex that out, and underneath it is the free steam key. You have to create an account on Indiegala, and join their steam group. (Which you can easily leave right after :p ) After that, you get your free steam key for it!​

Overall Rating: 9/10

Partickhill Games brings us Tricone Lab, a deceivingly simple, quasi-minimalist looking puzzle game that will make you use all your lateral thinking abilities in order to proceed though the increasingly difficult levels.

In Tricone Lab you interact with microscopic organisms in what appears to be a cellular-like environment. Your goal? To create as many “tricones” as the level needs to let you proceed. Tricones are created by joining three colored cones (red, green and blue) into a master template, but several things will get in your way: not only the membranes, but also other organisms that might either aid or hinder you in your quest to complete the levels.

The graphics of the game might be quite simple, but there’s a certain charm to the simplicity of the game, and I greatly appreciate the almost monochrome tonality of most of the game, for these type of puzzle games tend to end up in bright colors to make up for the lack of “proper” graphics. Not here! The graphic style seems to fit perfect with the game.

The music and sounds are pretty good, almost relaxing, I rather enjoyed them even if I kept them at a very low level.

Playing it is simple enough – you mostly will use your mouse to connect things and navigate, but there are also keyboard shortcuts should you not want to go entirely with the mouse.


The levels, as I’ve already stated, appear to be quite simple when you begin, but as you progress they get increasingly difficult, and often times I would get stuck by not thinking things through properly before launching into what looked like a simple puzzle, but ended up being something more… even when the difficulty...

In Chronicles of a Dark Lord by Kisareth Studios, you take the role of an atypical ‘hero’. Rather than the usual RPG kid-turned-hero, you’re taking on the role of a kid-turned-evil who goes after even more evil than his amount of evil. I know, I could’ve totally phrased that better. You still understood though, right?

The game has… some cool things, and some not cool things. But lets start at the beginning!

First thing you get when you start the game is an option for resolutions. It’s an RPG Maker game, and so the engine make the resolution choices so very, very odd. I have nothing against RPG Maker games, truly, but this one just seemed to bump into all the things I don’t like about RPG Maker as an engine. Not the least of which was trying to take a screenshot, and ending up closing the game without a warning. Hah. That was not an amusing moment, specially because the game starts with a rather long, somewhat boring, friggin’ unskippable intro scene made of text about how dark the whole thing is and will be, and the fight of darkness and light, and the chronicles of the Dark Lord, and etc, etc, etc. Yawn. Can we not learn this while we’re playing? I mean, I appreciate some backstory, but this is the first episode/installment, so shouldn’t the story begin here? And this is a game. If I want to read a book, I’ll go grab one, not a game.

I get it, it’s dark. It’s right on the title. Lets move long!

Already from the get-go I’m torn about the art. Even if I like RPGs like this, pixel art is not my favorite style, but I know you can do really neat stuff with it, and really cute (and really dark) stuff as well, but the pixel art on this looks pretty generic. The tiles that make up the world are, too me, too bold and bright, and I don’t mean it only for the story type and ambiance (which...

Game: Bless Online
Genre: MMORPG, Open World
Developer: Pmang
Publisher: Pmang
Platform: PC / Windows
Overall rating: 6/10

I wish I could explain bless' story a little better, however with the english patch they have out it's all google translated so the grammar, and text has been far lost in translation it's actually better, and easier to understand the game if you simply ignore all the text at hand. However, the lack of text and knowledge on the story has not taken me away from absolutely loving this game and playing it almost religiously for the past week. The gameplay is amazing, the visuals are one of the best out of any MMO out there currently. And the whole game is open world with a long render distance. The part I love most about the game is seeing the huge mountains in the distance, as well as a castle or two and knowing you are able to go to them at any point.

I am not a fan of questing... at all actually. It's one of the main reasons I haven't been able to get into most MMO's, that and most quests if you happen to skip through the text (Which I more often than not tend to do) you can get lost pretty easily. Though in order to level up at a decent pace you're almost forced to quest, the quests are simple, and easy to understand. Even with the terrible translations, you're really not required to read it in most scenarios. The markers on the map are clearly indicated, and the objects you need to go get, and or kill are marked either by a glowing light, or the number of your quest shows above the monster. In some cases, you will find the area on the map, and no markers which more times than not indicated you need to kill the monsters in that area and loot them for the quest items.

The controls can be quite clunky at times with the tab targeting system they have in place. The targeting system often times focuses on objects out of your view,...
Everyone give a warm round of applause to @Nomec104 for winning the giveaway!

Congratulations on winning Chivalry: Medieval Warfare! I hope you enjoy it, and if at all possible go ahead and write a review on it, or share a screenshot of the winning prize on the site as well as all other social media to help spread the word about GameHandout :D
You have 24 hours left, grab it now.
Its redeemed as a steam key but it requires you to have a humble account :)