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What games have you bought so far this winter?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Sunefa, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Personally, i already have a lot of games i need to finish before grabbing something new. There are so many great games i'd love to buy though. Mostly indie games like Dead Cells, Pit People, Craft the World, Tooth and Tail and others, though i'll wait for early January before i decide onto something. Budget is tight.

    What about you guys? What have you been enjoying so far this Christmas? Anything from the winter sale that tempts you?

    Happy holidays you all!
  2. I haven't bought too much tbh. I bought start up simulator, which imo was a waste of money. It's not as good as the other simulators such as game dev, etc. but hopefully as it progresses it'll get better.
  3. I just bought Life is Strange: Before the Storm... I loved the first one so I'm hoping this one is good, too!

    I will be streaming it in a bit if anyone is interested!

  4. I'm having a tough time to find myself enjoying such type of simulation games. Game Dev always looked interesting but i'd probably spend more time doing silly things than taking it serious.

    Early Access games sometimes are a gamble, especially if they're not wide known and wide sold
    Did you come to play it? Is it as good as the first 5 episodes? I haven't played the game, but my relationship said it was an awesome experience and that she now wants Before the Storm too.
  5. Personally, I love it. If you or whoever enjoyed the first one, you'll probably like this one - but it's a totally different feeling. There is still a lot of emotion in certain parts, but since you're playing Chloe, not Max, it isn't the same, like it's not as deep and it's about Chloe being a badass and making all these decisions or good or bad decisions, etc. But I still am enjoying it. I finished Episode 1 yesterday, I think I'm going to stream Episode 2 and maybe 3 tonight depending on when I get back home. :)

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