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Reccomend me some games!

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Xyphien, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. I got $70 worth of steam codes over the holidays and I already own every game I'd already like http://steamcommunity.com/id/Xyphien I'm looking to get some other games, however I can't seem to find any games that are interesting. Give me some games you really enjoy that I don't already have :D

    Who knows, If I buy it and enjoy it I might reward you with some GH$ XD
  2. I noticed that you play Terraria, can't help it but mention that you're probably missing for not giving Starbound a chance. When i begun to get into indie games(i'm mostly an indie gamer now), i kept reading about Terraria and how good it was, it looked like a 2D Minecraft, but better. Got it on a sale and even though i havent played it as many hours as you i loved the ideas and the work put behind it. But it felt like it was lacking something to me. Killing enemies and exploration wasn't as fun as i thought. So when i looked for similar games i could probably enjoy more, there it was shining bright, Starbound. When i first launched it i probably played it for 5 hours straight, quit, and went straight ahead to convince a friend of mine to grab it and play it co op with me. It was the best co-op experience i've had in a long while.

    There was a time where me and a friend were walking around a planet and we came across a city, silly me began to steal stuff from npc homes because why not, only to figure out that it drew city soldier's hostility. My friend died from them, heck, i didnt know this could happen, and i burst out laughing. Jumping and running trying to escape, all while laughing. I died too. All of our equipmment was lying there in the middle of a city where everyone hated us. We couldnt approach when we reborned, the soldiers would try to hunt us down. So what did we do? we begun digging, and digging and digging and digging. We literally dug our way under the city where our stuff were dropped when we died, we swam a river, and dug once again. we were one block away and we had to act fast because they could notice. "You go", i said. We both were laughing the whole time. I destroyed the last block from under, he jumped in the house quickly, and then i put another block back in place and trapped him in. Because why not? We were digging for 5 minutes. It was a great day for gaming.

    Exploring was both interesting and fun. Fighting system felt smoother to me, sprites looked better too. I generally liked the concept more. As a guy who didnt get addicted to Terraria much, Starbound became one of my favorite indie games ever, probably in my top 3 so far. I'm not great at convincing people, nor do i want to make you buy it only to find yourself not enjoying it as much,but if you ever start to get bored of Terraria yet want something similar and new, you now know where it's at. Grab a friend and start anew. It's better when co op. Crea and Dig or Die look interesting as well, but i havent played those yet so i cannot suggest them.
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  3. #3 One41, Dec 27, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2017
    Forgive me for my grammar. Also I am not good with words so maybe the review video I linked below would help.

    I would recommend Earth Defense Force 4.1 Shadow of Despair, a game still waiting on my wishlist.


    This game is basically you are a soldier from a military called Earth Defense Force to protect the world from giant alien bugs. The stories of the franchise is so cheesy and the gameplay is basically shooting down these giant bugs with guns, tanks, explosions, and a giant mecha suit right here as shown right here.

    This game is so bad that it is so good. You have infinite ammo and just shoot down these giant bugs. It is just pure and mindless fun despite being slightly repetitive.

    However, when I first heard of the reviews for this game, I was hesitant that I wouldnt like it. So I got this spin-off EDF game instead: Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon.


    This game has extremely short story missions and not much content. However, it has the core gameplay of the EDF series. Plus it costs $1 so you wouldnt have much to lose. If you enjoy Insect Armageddon, then you will DEFINITELY love Earth Defense Force 4.1. It takes everything x10 better than Insect Armageddon and it is the best EDF game up to date right now. So much content and variety.

    However I still say go for Insect Armageddon first to make sure if you would like the game like how I did.

    review video for EDF 4.1 Shadow of Despair:
  4. @Sunefa I've heard great things about the game, but my first impression of it was that it's just another terraria knockoff, which there was a lot at the time. Ever since I cannot seem to push myself to getting the game. I know my buddy loves it far more than terraria, and I only play terraria from time to time to be honest. I'll look into it a bit more though. What you said makes me more interested than what I was prior :)

    @One41 I just looked into the game, it doesn't look like something along my cup of tea but the reviews make me want to consider it anyway tbh. If anything is overwhelmingly positive it has to be good XD
  5. If you haven't played 7 Days to Die, it's really fun, single player or multi. Zombie survival is always great. XD
  6. A Hat in Time is a collectable marathon platformer


    This indie game is praised by many people saying it is like Super Mario Sunshine/Super Mario 64 with a bit of Zelda and Banjo Kazooie. It is like playing Mario on PC! Tight controls, nice level design, and memorable characters.

    People liked it so much that they are making mods to port Super Mario 64 levels in the game. I recommend to watch videos or reviews to see how it is.

    Another game is a spin-off of the Sniper Elite Series, Zombie Army Trilogy


    Basically it sets in an alternative universe of WWII where Hitler and Nazis are the zombies. Your job is to shoot them down and it is also great for Co-op experience. Some say it is like Left 4 Dead 3. Some of the mechanics from the Sniper Elite series are here in this game like the X-ray kill shot here

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  7. Nuclear Throne! I am always late because of that damned game.


    It's going on sale quite frequently so you can pick it up for a couple of bucks at most.

    The game is a huge catastrophe of just bullets flying around at all times, give it a shot, you might like it.

  8. Nuclear Throne is amazing and pretty hard too. I'm on the fence of grabbing it's cousin called Enter the Gungeon before the sale ends tomorrow. Have you played that too?
  9. Sorry for the late reply! No, I haven't played it, but I've heard nice things about it. Might pick it up soon.

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