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GameHandout is a forum dedicated to giving back to the gaming community.
We have several ways to get free games such as simply by posting on the forums, participating in events, registering to our raffles, and more!
Why not try us out, it's 100% free! No credit card needed, all we ask is for your activity on the forums!

  1. Hey Guest! Did you know you can get games for free by simply being active on GameHandout? We offer mostly steam game codes to members for simply posting around. The more you post the more forum currency you obtain, which you can then turn in to the shop for free games! Check out the shop here: GameHandout SHOP

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  2. Hello Guest... I see you do not have an account with us :O Joining will get you some games if you're active. When I say games, I mean free games, games like Dead Space 2, Bejeweled 3, and other amazing games. All for simply being active on our forum. Guess what, registering takes no more than 2 minutes. Simply put your desired username, password, and email in, and POOF! You're a member on our community. That simple, crazy right? Hope to see you here!

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  3. It costs a lot to keep the site up and running, as well as buying games to giveaway! Help us out by donating :D
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Xyphien, Jan 14, 2017.

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    This post will have a list of all the Frequently Asked Questions both on, and off the site.

    • What is GameHandout?
    GameHandout is a forum based on giving back the gaming community. Our goal is to have an amazing community of members that interact with one another, make friends, etc. as well as receive some free games, helpful information, etc. in the process!

    • This seems to good to be true... Is it?
    Most of our games comes from my own personal arsenal of Humble Bundle game codes I no longer need. The rest of the games were either purchased by me to simply give out, or donated by the game developers, company, etc. to give out to the general public. This being said, 99% of the time I get the games either for free, or out of a humble bundle pack and they're the left over games I do not wish to obtain for myself. On to the how. I give the games out via steam code. Once you either win a giveaway, use your forum currency, or any other means. You will receive a PM with the steam code directly in your inbox on the forums.

    • Is there a catch?
    Ahh, the good ol' catch. Everything has a catch. The catch with this site is your activity. We require you to post on the forums, which gives us content, more views, traffic, and in return a little bit of revenue to put back into the forums. Simply, you're activity is the catch to getting the free games.

    • Are there viruses? and Is this a scam?
    First of all I'd like to clarify that there are no downloads on the site, thus making it nearly impossible to give your computer a virus through our computer. Secondly, there is no risk on your end at all. There is no hidden payments, nor do we even ask for your credit card unless you decide to help out the forum by becoming a VIP member for just $5 a month. Even with that it's through paypal, and VIP is clearly explained. This being said, there is literally no way for us to scam you. Now, to answer the other common question on why we do it, and how we do it.

    • How do I get free games?
    There are actually quite a few ways to receive free games on GameHandout!

    We have GH$ which is our forum currency. For every topic, post, like, etc. you do you will receive a little bit of GH$. From there, you can head over to our SHOP and then redeem your GH$ for any game from the list that is not striked out.

    Raffles are another way you can get free games. Raffles are often referred to as Giveaways. You can find this HERE. They often times require a little bit of GH$ per entry. Simply entering into the event will give you one entry, and depending on the event the more entries the better chance you have. At the end of the raffle, one name will be chosen completely at random through the machine and a PM will be sent to you instantly with the game code attached to it.

    The last way is by simply being active, and posting frequently. I go on from time to time, and feel really giving and give away a random game to someone. Even if you're not on the same time I am on, if I notice you've been really active during my random moods then chances are you will be receiving a free game. This will be sent via PM as well with the Code attached in it.

    • How do you get GH$?
    The main way you receive GH$ is through posting on the forums. Generally one topic = 3 GH$ and one post/reply is 1GH$. However, during some events it will be doubled!

    Other ways are interactions with other members. For example, you could sell your games on our site for GH$. If you have Black ops 3, and someone wants to buy it for GH$400 then you are more than happy to do that interaction.

    Events/Tournaments are another way. We occasionally host events, and tournaments for games (Mostly free to play games) and the winner(s) of those sometimes receives GH$.

    • How do you enter into Giveaways/Raffles?
    At the top of the webpage you should see "Raffles" on the navigation menu. If you're having trouble finding it simply click CTRL+F and then type Raffles. This will search and highlight where it is on the page.

    Now you should see the active raffles (assuming there are any at the time). Now find the raffle you'd like to enter and click "View Details & Register"

    Read the rules, and once you understand how much GH$ it takes to enter, how long you have to wait to enter, etc. click on the check box that says "I agree with the rules of this raffle."

    Wallah! You've now registered to your first Raffle/Giveaway! Keep in mind most of our raffles allow you to register once a day, so make sure to check back after 24 hours of putting in your raffle to see if you can participate in it again. At the end of the time limit one lucky member will be announced and a PM will be sent to your account with the Key Code in it.

    • Do you give free games daily? How do you get them?
    Yes, we give free prizes out daily. This could be a designated game, to a whole package suck as a Silver Box. Every 5 posts a user makes outside of the general discussion section (Includes off topic, forum games, etc.) for that day will count as 1 entry. Every topic a user creates outside of the general discussion section also counts as 1 entry. The entries will then be randomly drawn and one user will be selected to win for that day.

    • I've completed something for a badge but didn't get it, what do I do?
    Most badges are set on an automatic timer of 1 hour. If you recently done something like x amount of posts or likes then simply wait an hour or two for the system to catch up and process your badge. However, some of the badges (mostly social media) are manually added. After waiting two hours for your badge if you still have not received it simply go to this thread: https://gamehandout.com/threads/need-a-badge.1291/ and follow the instructions.

    • How to change you displayed feature badge?
    Go to your profile, and click the highlighted area. (alternatively you can go to https://gamehandout.com/account/ )

    Next, click on "Featured Badges" (1) and then click on the current badge you have displayed (2). This will remove the current feature badge you have available.


    After that click on Available Badges (1), and find the badge you wish to have as your main display badge and click on it (2)


    If you have any other questions you'd like answered please post them below.
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  2. Great faq thus far! If I have anything else I can think of I'll let you know!
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  3. I dont see where can you "sell" your key ?
  4. I've updated the F.A.Q. to include how we giveaway free games daily, and how you can obtain them!
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  5. Yup,Roger that That hope i win :D
  6. Sounds good hook me up
  7. Why are the badges on a 1 hour timer? xD Why not instant?
  8. cron entries take up a lot of resources, if it was on an instant timer that mean it'd check all users every millisecond, and cause the site to become almost unusable in speed.
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