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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Saxix, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. What do you guys think of Cuphead?
    I recently bought it and I love it, its difficult and I love the 1930's cartoon style,
    I wasn't sure if the 20 euros was worth it, because I say people saying that the game was finished in like 8 hours,
    But it took me like 6 hours to complete the first island and there is an expert mode after finishing game, so I think it isn't a problem.

    Do you guys own the game or willing to buy it?
    Are you also taking so long for one island and what do guys think of the game?

  2. I saw it on steam I believe a few times and it does look interesting however as you mentioned I'm on edge on spending the money on the game. I might have to reconsider buying it now
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  3. I would play it, just if i could get it for 0 $ :D
  4. Well I recommend it, I think you can get around 15 hours out of it with a normal playtrough, but if you are going for exteme mode, high ranks and secret mission, you can get alot of fun hours out of it. It's not everone's game so maybe try it out and otherwise refund?
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    Haha ofcourse
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 6, 2017 ---
    I've played this game now for 30 hours and I still haven't finished it... I think I'm not the best player lol
  5. It's a fine game, i tried it, but i feel like the entertainment it provides doesn't suit my taste this much to make me want to purchase it without a cheeky discount. I encountered some bugs while co-oping too.
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  6. Yeah, this game isn't for everyone, Me as a gamer who loves games like: Dark Souls, Super Meat Boy, Titan Souls, bloodborne etc. love games like this, where you need to try again, again and again before you defeat the boss, and the feeling of defeating a boss is satisfying as fuck lol.

    I haven't played the coop mode, because I don't really have people to play with, it would be cool if they made it online coop.

    By the way, welcome to the site, I haven't seen you here before but its nice to someone new who is active aswell (atleast for the first day lol )
  7. I might stay for a while, i like the ideas put behind the forum. Chatting with friendly people and getting rewarded for it? That's just great! It surprised me to find out it's kind of empty here though. Wish it was more lively, more people means more topics to have a friendly talk about. I'll try to be around though, and possibly make a raffle once i figure how it all works. I have a few leftovers i can give away.

    Thanks for the welcoming
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  8. Yeah, some months back it was pretty active, but almost everyone left, I left aswell, but came back to hope there will be more activaty soon.
    And I'm happy to hear you want to stay for a while, so I have someone to talk to :3
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