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  • Newbie 0-4 posts
  • Scrub 5-24 posts
  • Random 25-49 posts
  • Casual Gamer 50-74 posts
  • Gamer 75-99 posts
  • Dedicated Gamer 100-149 posts
  • Acclaimed Gamer 150-249 posts
  • Hardcore Gamer 250-499 posts
  • Notorious Gamer 500-749posts
  • Semi-Pro 750-999
  • MLG 1,000-??? posts
  • ??? ???-??? posts
  • ??? ???-??? posts
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GamersGate.com is running an end of summer sale with 17 pages of games some up to 85% off. You guys deffinitly should check it out. Its only around till the 11Th though so act fast! Also don't forget you get 5% back on ever game in *bluecoins* that can be used as payment for games later lol its how I've bought many games and why im doing the 7.62 giveaway right now!

Buy 6 games for $1.49
or 12 games for 1.54 (youll receive 2 copies of each games)

  1. Collisions
  2. Flesh Eaters
  3. Stranded in Time
  4. War in a Box: Paper Tanks
  5. Glow Ball - The Billiard puzzle
  6. Yury + Cards

good bundles if you buy for 1.54 and make a giveaway with it :p

$1.50 for 6 games, 1 comic, and 2 albums.
only 4k bundles available! 1300 remaining as of writing

  1. Predator Simulator
  2. City of Fools + Cards
  3. Cargo 3
  4. Shmadow (GL)
  5. Twistyper (DRM free)
  6. Treasure of Arcania (GL)
  7. Music album - "The Bat Bites"
  8. Comic - Darkness Within (graphic novel)
GL = Greenlight
DRM Free = NOT Steam

Bonus if quota reached
BONUS 1 - Shmadow OST (music)
BONUS 2 - John R1se Singles Collection (not reached yet)

want it?
not me :p

12 games total.
2 Tier

Tier 1: $1
  1. Power-Up + Cards
  2. Flix The Flea+ Cards
  3. Organ Biker+ Cards

Tier 2: $2.89 (before price increase) (about 14 hour from now)
  1. Brilliant Bob+ Cards
  2. Shot In The Dark (EA)+ Cards
  3. Grail to the Thief+ Cards
  4. In Exilium+ Cards
  5. Reversi+ Cards
  6. Wimp: Who Stole My Pants?+ Cards
  7. Relativity Wars - A Science Space RTS
  8. Dark Raid
  9. Ruzh Delta Z
i might buy this myself, if only there weren't any whislishted game this month...
Seeing as @Triblaze is a postaholic... We're going to need to update our rankings. We currently have: Newbie, Scrub, Gamer, Dedicated Gamer, Hardcore Gamer, MLG, and MLG PRO.

If anyone has some ideas to throw in that goes with these themes feel free to post them. Now... you won't know if your suggestions gets in until someone has unlocked it. I'll also be making a post about the ranks, as well as how many, the milestones, and of course black spaces for the "Locked" titles. Bringing back them old days where you know you have some locked stuff, you just don't know what it is :D

TL;DR Make some suggestions for future titles that goes with the current title theme we have.
Release Date: January 12, 2012
Platforms: iOS, Android and PS VITA

Cytus is actually one of my most favorite rhythm games when im out of my computer and have a feel of playing something that challenges me to tap a lot on my iPod Touch, have been playing this game ever since the 5th episode and i keep playing it even more, having the DLC's also.

The story revolves around the protagonist, Vanessa, who lives in a 22nd-century world where robots with human memories are the only remaining sentient beings while living humans are killed by a mutant virus. Due to limited memory space, human emotions are stored in the form of music in "Cytus", and by playing the songs, the robots are able to revive their human emotions. The plot features the disaster and the protagonist's struggle with identity. The story is told in-game through various cut-scenes that are unique to the chapter title songs; in comparison, the other individual songs within each chapter are at most only marginally relevant to the plot, except for a limited few.

There are 10 main chapters in the game, plus 6 extra chapters.
Chapter 1: Operators - 12 songs
Chapter 2: Disaster - 12 songs
Chapter 3: Cytus - 11 songs
Chapter 4: The Silence - 11 songs
Chapter 5: Vanessa - 11 songs
Chapter 6: The Lost - 11 songs
Chapter 7: Loom - 13 songs
Chapter 8: Another Me - 13 songs
Chapter 9: Buried - 12 songs
Chapter 10: The New World - 11 songs
Prologue - 10 songs
Symphony - 10 songs
Knight - 10 songs
Retro - 11 songs
Timeline - 10 songs
Million - 12 songs

There is a total of 108 songs from chapter 1 to 10, excluding story songs, But including storyline songs there can be a total of 180 songs included the extra chapters.

The gameplay is simple, you see a line on the screen going up and down, you follow the line by...
  1. Go to www.microids.com/gamescom2015
  2. Enter the code: KATE@VGL
  3. Fill the information fields.
  4. You will receive your key in your e-mail
Great game. Enjoy :)