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To those who used to play the free to play game, gets the game free on Steam if you played it on Steam or kept it installed on the steam library.
Sadly players are now hating it for removing mac and linux support, and also being a priced game now.
MyNipples321 submitted a new shop:

Buy Brawlhalla key - Brawlhalla

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I know most of guys know the game NBA 2K16. NBA 2k16 ahhh what a wonderful game with your own character customization you can create players with different hair colors, unique faces, change their height. You can create whatever player you wish a muscular player, an athletic player or in this case a 50 feet player. This is a sad story of a weird 50 feet player in 2K16 and probably one of the weirdest sheet you will ever see.

Damn do you see those arms. Who ever made this character is a fan of T-rexes haha.

Zaimaster Game over guys
Someone is planning to make one of those dating websites, like eHarmony, for League of Legends players. It is intended to help you find a ranked partner, as well as a date.


What do you think of this type of service?
Do you see it as some kind of joke? Or something that the league of legends and gaming community needs?
Game: March of Industry
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Archive Entertainment
Publisher: Archive Entertainment
Release Date: Oct 7, 2015
Platform: PC / Windows 7
Overall rating: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10
Controls: 9/10
Level/Puzzle Design: 8/10
Sound: 7/10
Story: N/A
Replay Value: 5/10
Community: N/A


March of Industry is a… I’m going with “factory simulator.” Your goal is to use the natural resources given in order to craft different weapons (and items to make weapons) for your glorious country, and make a profit. The game has that simple premise, but it’s actually rather difficult when you’ve just started. You’re not given the recipes, after all, but have to find out yourself via trial and error what to items make what.
The game gives you goals as you advance, be it in amount to earn or sell or what item to make next, and you are left to set up the machines and resources and discover what makes what and clean up the mess after on your own.

The controls are fairly simple as is learning to play it, the difficulty I feel lies in finding all the combinations, and then waiting for the machines to finish however many you need to sell to advance to the next goal. While I didn’t think some of the combinations were overly logical, I still kinda liked it.
The recipes you find are logged, so if you ever forget them, or go back to the game after a long while, you can always re-read what items made what.

The soundbits are repetitive and annoying, and yet they somehow added a sort of charm to the game. Don’t ask me why, after a while of having it open I just got used to them I guess.
The art is decent for pixel art, I rather enjoyed the fresh look that wasn’t cartoony....
Erik Johnson from Valve confirmed Steam is finally going to train it's employees how to solve problems faster.
He and Gabe admitted that their support sucks ass,but that they're trying to improve it.
Refunds were the 1st step to make it better,now they're working on efficiency of their workers.
As a guy who had like 7 unresponded tickets and 2 tickets responded within a month,I'm so frickin' happy about this. Even though I'd like for them to start live chat section,like Origin and Blizzard.

How many unresolved issues with Steam did you have ? How bad were they ? Did support helped you or just gave you those generic answers ?

Post down below :)
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Commander : Conquest of Americas AND Pirates of Black Cove - Two games,for very low price.

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What are your favorite games in every genre?

Music Based:


Here are mine:

Action/Adventure: The Force Unleashed
RPG: Torn between Pokemon and Elder Scrolls
Sidescroller/Platformer: Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Fighter: Soul Calibur IV
Shooter: Borderlands
Racing: none
Horror: Outlast
Music Based: DDR
Strategy: none
Simulator: Goat Simulator
Sports: SSX Tricky
MMO or MOBA: League of Legends
Well I've been playing this game for a while and it's starting to get better. The game updated twice this month and I think both updates were 1.(something) gb never mind that, the good thing is connecting to servers are faster and loading too, less bugs, and they are adding this mode called execution which I think is like a counter strike like mode. Anyways I recommend this game to those who like free-to-play games and fps shooters.

If any of you know the game styx "The stealth kind of game" is gonna have a sequel. The first game of styx came out pretty successful because of it's reviews plus the game looks awesome. So Focus Home the creators of styx announced that there will be a sequel next year and it is called Styx: Shard of Darkness. Well bye for now and make sure to check out the full story below and by below I really meant below below

I'm Zaimaster your weekly gaming news reporter GAME ON

Check out full story here:http://www.pcgamer.com/styx-sequel-shards-of-darkness-announced-out-next-year/