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Welcome to yet another Large Giveaway!'

How to enter:

Be a registered member of GameHandout
Post a comment below this post.
Have at least 1 introduction post.

How to Win:

We will chose one winner based off of their post engagement. Simply make topics, and make posts that engage members into communicating more.

Example: If you make a post that gets 20 replies, as well as have 5 posts that cause a lot of discussion you will be chosen over another user who makes 100 posts that do not cause any discussion.

The winner will be chosen on May 26th


Do not spam
Posts must be engaging
No one-two word posts allowed.

Salutations everyone! This weekend you will be able to receive DOUBLE GH$ for every post, and topic you make! Now you can finally get closer to that game you've been saving for! With this being said the post count has also doubled.

GH$ Per Topic Created: GH$6
GH$ Per Post Made: GH$ 2
Bonus for a Liked Post: GH$2
Post Character Threshold: 40

What are you waiting for?! Get out there and get the game you've been after!
Hey guys! This giveaway is NOT hosted by GameHandout, but don't worry - I am still spreading the word about us and how awesome it is to be partnered here.

This is separate from the 300 follower giveaway, and is an 8 game giveaway from SquareEnix (thanks to my friend Fist Cake). You will receive one Steam key which will in return give you games such as:

Tomb Raider: Legend

Legacy of Kain: Defiance

Deus Ex: Invisible War

...and more.

Please give me a follow and enter the giveaway. Don't forget to follow me on social media for updates in the future and log into Revlobot to start keeping track of the "caps" you receive in stream while watching me! You use them to redeem fun rewards while I'm streaming.

Thanks, and as always, have fun!

Hello everyone!
Today I am giving away Torchlight 2.
If you'd like a chance to win this game, please go here: https://player.me/feed/7698073
This giveaway will end in about 12 hours.

A user over at Player.Me mentioned he is giving away a free $50 steam card for free to one lucky winner. I figured I might as well share this amazing opportunity :)

Kaiju Panic by Mechabit is one of those games that mix tower defense with action/strategy, and it does it fairly well. Yet I had troubles liking it fully. Why? Well, Kaiju Panic is a kind of fun, kind of boring type of game. I know, I just confused you, didn’t I? That’s okay, that’s how I felt about it at first too.

The story follows the aftermath of an asteroid crash. Within this asteroid were these little monsters called Kaiju, which are apparently coming to destroy us. Your job is to mine the asteroids for resources while avoiding the Kaiju and also gathering survivors to bring them to safe places. The places are only as safe as you make them, though, and this is where the tower defense kicks in: you will have to build towers to defend it (and the people you just saved) from all those monsters coming to get you.

Simple enough, right? Of course, as you go through you get to improve buildings, research, gain perks, etc. Some survivors won’t want to go with you until you complete a requirement (ie. Find their dog first), which gets a bit annoying.

I rather enjoyed the visual aspect of the game, even if it has a bit of a ‘mobile’ feel to it. The cutesy cartoony graphics are lovely if you’re into that type of art style, the variety of Kaiju is enough to keep you entertained, and the colorful atmosphere will make you forget you’re essentially in one of those aftermath games.


The maps are interesting, though nothing out of this world. After a while they all more or less start to look alike.

That said, the controls were a bit confusing at first, but once you get used to them, they’re only moderately annoying. You use a combination of mouse and keyboard,...
Congratulations to Nomec104!!! For winning thee Duke Nukem Forever giveaway!
Hello everyone! Post below and one lucky person (Chosen at random) will win a free game of GH$250 or higher!
This is not hosted by my, however I saw someone on the Player.Me community post it. https://gleam.io/BBd5s/cosmic-bees-steam-key-giveaway Here it is, it requires you to firstly subscribe to their youtube channel. I'm unsure what else is after that however :) Good luck everyone!