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@sage I think you'd be interested in this, as am I. This gives you loads of dlc for the program RPG Maker which allows you too... Make RPG Games. It normally costs $40-$60 for it and sometimes $90 if I do recall, this is just for the product itself mind you, not including the DLC. I highly recommend buying this bundle.
Pull out your trumpets, because Hoenn remakes are confirmed.



Hello all,

I hope you have seen the blog post, and I am going to do a little give away too.

- The contest will run until 15 may 2014, 12:00 GMT. After that we (the moderators of gamehandout) will choose a winner who will receive 1 (ONE) key of Viscera Cleanup Detail, usable to redeem the game on Humble Bundle. He/she will receive this key by PM by me or Xyphien.
- Only one submission per user. They should be unique and clearly stated as submission. All other comments will be ignored.
- Please refrain yourself from using too much gore. A bit of sauce on the details is recommended, but exaggeration is an art not bestowed upon many.
- No moderators, writers or anyone who can alter posts in this community are allowed to be in the contest. They are however allowed to tell their favourites.
- Winner will be chosen by the uniqueness of their story, and contestants agree with the fact that their name and story will shown in this post and on the homepage.

What you need to do:

Tell us your worst cleanup you ever had to do, but try to keep it civil and between 100-500 words. Was it the dog who made a big mess of your living room, or was it a pillow fight that went wrong? We will base the winner on originality (pillow fight that ended up in a lot of feathers would win over a drunk friend puking), the aftermath (how much damage did you had to clean up), the frustration level you encountered when you had to clean everything up, and we give bonus points if you manage get a smile on our faces or show pictures of the mess.
@sage this is something I know you'd enjoy a lot. https://www.humblebundle.com all these games are right down your ally. I'm unsure if I'll be getting them as I'm not interested in these types of games, but something I thought I'd share with you, and everyone else on gamehandout :)
Who has played Outlast? I'm currently doing a walk through, and playing it for the first time on PS4 and livestreaming it to my Twitch account. I'll be doing a review on it when I'm done.

My question is, who here has played the game, and what is your opinions on it?

I have never been truly scared in a game before, the closest to being scared was a few jumps in Fear 2. I have actually screamed playing Outlast, and was thoroughly scared at times. I am in love with the game so far, and I'm just trying to hear others opinion on it :D
Never have I seen such splendid teamwork. Thousands of Twitch members are inserting commands into the chat box, guiding the young Red on his journey through the Kanto region.


So, it's a 24/7 Pokemon Blue stream in which people type "up," "down," "a," and other buttons into the chat. The chat messages turn into inputs for the game, allowing the Twitch audience to control the character, Red. It's been 4 days, and we have conquered 4 gyms.

This is the most intense stream that I have ever watched.

I personally have been unable to buy this (humble store doesn't accept paysafecard ;_;) but would definitely recommend it! You could pay only $1 and get a steam key of Civ III, Civ IV, railroads, and more games! That's just insane :D
That's right, Nintendo is finally going to let other companies use their intellectual properties, or video game characters. So, we might see some movies about Nintendo games or some new crossovers. It sounds pretty cool, right?

If you want to read more about it, here's the article that @Xyphien sent me. They go on about how Nintendo is looking for the right partner to work with, and suggests that Disney is it.


So, what do you think about this?

I read a bunch of the comments on the article, and a lot of people agree that Nintendo is finally changing their policy on their property because their consoles aren't selling as well as they have in the past. I am one of the people who think that.
I'm pretty interested to see what companies Nintendo decides to partner with, and what they produce as a result.
On the 3ds e-shop from now until February 2nd.
Download it before the end of the day, and it's yours.

Just a heads up.
Here are some interesting gaming facts for you all to enjoy!

- The guy who is the voice of Mario is also the voice of Paarthurnax in Skyrim. (source)
- Skyrim is the first game developed complete outside of Japan to receive a perfect score from Famitsu. (source)
- The opening song for Skyrim was sung by 30 people but they sang it 3 times and mixed it so it sounds like 90 people singing. (source)
- Talos was a greek god who protected Europa (not just a nord god who protected skyrim). (source)
- Bethesda was approached to make a Game of Thrones RPG but turned it down to make Skyrim. (source)

- The Minecraft world is approximately the same size as Neptune. (source)
- Minecraft is partnering with UN Habitat to offer kids the chance to design changes they would like to see in their environment. (source)
- You can synch your Minecraft save game using dropbox allowing you to play it from multiple computers. (source)
- Minecraft is used in schools to teach children. (source)

Portal & Portal 2
- Portal is based on a game called Narbacular Drop, which was a class project created...