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We all know about the traps of these kind of games. If you ask me the true concept of a fair business model in free-to-play games, I would say it is the one whose developers consider the following thought of the players: "I like to support developers who are not greedy, those who do not force the players to spend real money in order to have an advantage or unlock mechanic features, because If I feel like I cannot really progress without spending real money, I am not going to spend like real money just to progress."

If a developer is considering making a free-to-play game with a business model based on inviting the players to pay them with real money to unlock mechanics features, boost them in the progress and having advantages over others, I would suggest them to sell their game with a fixed price with all the features already unlocked, furthermore if the game is multi-player. But if they are determined to make their game free-to-play, the monetization model is so important that, if it is fair, player will be encouraged to support them kindly; and they will make profit, because the quality of the game is all the matters in these cases.

What is your concept of a fair business model in free-to-play games?
I am pretty sure all you guys know about the recent scandal of the Original Network on Steam. The guys who used to be the Original Curators Group left the network to found their own: Just Reviews.

The group is growing faster as the days goes and people get known about their outstanding reviews. Not only that, but the management of the group is very clean and well handled. These guys are amazing individuals that are always chilling in the chat-room, we spend time sharing thoughts and having a nice time. Feel free to visit us and know these people, join the group, and, more important, to follow their curation. You might be amazed with the quality of their reviews.
My favorite game of all time, I have beaten the 2 DLCs that I have, and the main game (DLCs include Broken Steel and Mothership Zeta). All of the guns, mayhem, achievements, and awesome armor make this game awesome! Outstanding gameplay, and unique DLCs make this game a must have for anyone who likes shooters!

Screw The Elder Scrolls, Fallout all the way!
Menu screen.jpg

Europa Universalis 4 (aka: EU4) is a grand-strategy game made by Paradox Interactive, I would say the game is a Real Time Strategy, but that wouldn't be 100% correct, since you can make time go faster or slower. I could compare EU4 with EU3 but I had never played it, so I don't think that's a good idea.

Anyway, in this game you can play as (almost) every nation in the world that existed during the time period of 1444 to 1821. So, like, you choose a year to play, I recommend 1444, because that means you will have a longer match, since the game ends in 1821. After that you have to choose a nation. You can play as an european nation, a north-african nation, an indian nation, an asian nation, you can even play as a native tribe in the Americas and many other nations!


The whole world is divided in provinces, so you don't have a feel of completely freedom while moving your army, but I don't think that's a problem since that's a game extremely focused in strategy, so in a war, you need to be careful in which province you will send your army, and I believe this system makes the game easier, in a good way.

The game is really historically accurate, and it is not balanced (for a more historical accurate experience). If you play as a native tribe, you will probably lose when europeans arrive in the Americas and try to expand to your lands. But what I really love about this game is that EU4 isn't a war game, if you go to war a lot, your armies will get weaker because of their high War Exhaustion, rebels will attack you because of the country's low stability and countries nearby you will get mad at you.


Okay, so since this isn't a pure wargame, EU4 have amazing diplomatic actions, you can ask another nation to become your vassal, you can arrange a royal marriage, issue embargo to a nation you consider a threat, make alliances and many more stuff. Another really awesome...
I'm unsure of everyone who won games via the stream, but we had 5 winners for the people participating in our LiveStream http://www.twitch.tv/xyphien Congratulations to everyone who won via the livestream!
SSBWU (Super smash bros wii u) is great game it have the secret opponents what you can unlock wario,dark pit and 4 other its really good game.you can dye your chactacer like mario wearing warios or link as dark link you get the point?its really good game if you buy it off the ebay you can also get it for 20-35dollars/euros.And have a good day:)

and theres all nindeno chatacres as such kirby luigi ganondorf toon link

you can connect your 3ds if you want and you get can persnolize powers and its unique to genre because you can play 8 player smash or play online and bet for them you can play with Gamecube controller theres smash tour where you play with your mii chatcer and take power ups at finale you have to fight its really good game 9/10 -me
The rules of the forum are as follows:

1. No spamming.

This includes:
  • Double posting (posting twice in a row, or back to back) at any time except when updating something.
  • Posting on old threads that can no longer provide any valuable discussion.
  • Posting short 1-2 word responses that do not add to the discussion.
  • Posting in languages other than English.
  • Going back and forth with a small amount of people and getting off topic

2. No flaming/harassing other members.

Don't be a jerk. If you disagree with someone, try to keep it civilized and respect everyone else.

3. No advertising other forums or websites when it is not called for. (this goes back to the spamming rule)

Exceptions include posting:
  • Youtube videos and informative articles.
  • Websites that have games/giveaways/etc in the Deals or Giveaways forum (Please note: Referrals are not allowed).
  • Steam and other gaming profiles.
  • Links to your creations in the Media Sharing forum.
Basically, don't post a link to your own business or forum out of nowhere. We will see it as spam and ban you. If you are unsure of whether you can post something, feel free to ask either @Xyphien or myself.

4. Do not post links or tutorials on ways to get games, or anything else, illegally.

5. Stay on topic.

If you find your thread running off topic, consider starting a new thread regarding the derailing topic.

6. Keep adult content to a minimum.

There should not be any reason for posting any nudity.
Swearing is acceptable, but try not to channel your inner sailor 24/7....
Hi mates, what do you think about this random game? It's so strange and looks like is boring. But for more you play, more you like it xD

Here is the game: http://agar.io/

You must grow up eating other balls and become the tallest one. You can also split or throw stuff to go faster and evade enemies. Enjoy it!
Many new members have the same questions over and over.
Instead of having to wait for a mod to get on and reply to them, you can earn brownie points by referring them to this FAQ. That is, if their question is answered here.

Getting Started
  • I'm new here. What do I do?
Well, howdy there new guy. First, read The Rules. Then, you can just mosey on down to the Introductions forum, and create your own thread as a means to introduce yourself. Try to include some things about yourself, such as your hobbies or favorite things.
  • Are there any rules for the forum?
Yes. You can find them here.
  • How do I set up my profile?
To set up your profile, click on the little person above the right side of the forums.
From there, you can choose to edit a variety of things. The most important are your password, preferences, and avatar. We prefer all of our users to have an avatar so that they feel like people, and not empty accounts.
  • How do I change my mood?
You just have to go to your profile page, and click on your current mood to change it.
  • How do I see my badges?
They are shown below your username and member status.
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You can find larger versions of them with descriptions on your profile.

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How Everything Works
  • How does the site work?
Here is a rundown written by @Xyphien:
@BoundlessMotion has been extremely active for being a new member, and I've decided to give him a free game! He won 140, a game I have little to no idea what it's about XD I've never played it before, but hope he enjoys it! :D