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Note: Screenshots from official site, somehow managed to lose mine.

Game: Heileen 2 & Heileen 3
Overall rating: 2.5/10 (and mostly for the idea of it)
Graphics: 6.5/10 (decent; good coloring)
Controls: 9/10 (not a lot of them on VNs)
Sound: 3/10
Story: 1.5/10
Playability/Gameplay: 2/10


All I say on this review can be applied as much to Heileen 2 as to 3.

Once more a visual novel that disappoints. I was really excited about playing Heileen 3 (I got Heileen 2 afterwards from... somewhere, I forget, but it was free so I was like, whatever, cards!, and tried it for a while anyway in case it was good), even though I knew little about it. And then I played it and cried. :'(
No, I kid. XD I played it and rolled my eyes a lot, though.

It's a romance/dating sim/VN/princess maker type of game all mashed up into one, so basically the whole point of it is to end the game with one of the boy/girl options (or none, I guess, as I got none lol) plus with one major profession...
On the upside, you playing a girl who can actually date a girl is kinda cool, so there's that. The general idea of it being based with tarot cards and such is good, basically the underlying idea of the whole game is pretty decent, but the actual way it's been carried on is not.
There's a sort of story there in the back, something about ships, and shipwrecks, and making your way into the world, that in the end amounts to nothing because Heileen has ice cubes for brains and they melt in the heat.

The main character, Heileen, is one annoying, bratty little Mary Sue. For some reason she keeps thinking even the guy I have a 0 points "relationship" with is hot. Like, if I'm cultivating x and y...

Game: Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition
Overall rating: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Controls: 9/10
Level/Puzzle Design:8/10
Sound: 9/10
Story: 8/10
Replay Value: 6/10


In Knights of Pen and Paper you play the role of... well, players who take on the role of characters, who take part in a pen-and-paper RPG.

If you ever played good old pen and paper RPGs, then you'll probably love the game and the things it will remind you of. Fights are turn based, everyone can gain experience and level up, you have props and aids to up stats, and more people can join your party as you progress through the game. There isn't really much of a story aside from that, other than advancing and taking on quests... yet that doesn't seem to be a problem in this game.

Like with Evoland, my enjoyment of "Knights... " is based more on the fact that it reminds me of "good old times" as much as on the type of humor the game uses through it. The way the characters talk really makes you feel like you're there playing with friends (or at least, like your character is there, playing with his or her friends). There's also plenty of pop culture references throughout, which makes my geeky side smile whenever I come across them.


Unlike Evoland, however, this one is a longish, drawn out game in which you have to grind your levels up in order to advance, which is always on the lesser side of 'fun' for me as it becomes repetitive and tiresome after a while. Despite this, it's a game I quite love. I've found myself playing it both, for a couple hours straight, as well as just picking it up when...
@Triblaze has won a Brawlhalla steam code! Brawlhalla is a super smash brothers type of game for steam, currently in closed beta. With limited codes. Thank you for being active on the site, and keep it up for more free game giveaways!
I got pirated CDs from my cousin back then. I didn't know they were pirated. I was amazed by graphics and smooth-running (back then it was unbeliveable) . Story was confusing at first (because I was 9 and I didn't know the main idea of the game) . I replayed it about 1 year ago,and was even more amazed,but now not with the graphics,but with the amazingly written storyline and exciting gameplay . What gets me the most is the combat . When you look at it,none other game can compete with Warrior Within combat style. It was a little buggy,I have to admitt,but I didn't mind it with that gameplay. It was,it is and probably will be the best gameplay ever in the history of gaming industry. But that's just my opinion. I assume you're all a little bit older than me,so you might feel a little nostalgic. There are other two games,but I think they're not Jordan Mechner's (author of Prince of Persia) product. I didn't even tried them yet. Now,I'd love to see the new Prince of Persia game with lots of swords,techniques and shit,but I'm in fear that Ubisoft might ruin them like they did with Assassin's Creed franchise. Now,the review : Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time was weird-looking but exciting experience. There was less combat,the prince was pussy-looking and mobs were kinda hard to defeat. But the gameplay was just remarkable and that was what got me into Prince of Persia so much. Prince of Persia : The Warrior Within was by far the best Prince of Persia. Gameplay (a little bit buggy,but I don't mind it) ,storyline,characters,OST... Everything was so perfect,and what got me the most was the dark atmosphere and heavy metal music. Prince of Persia : Two Thrones is the best speaking of combat,but I didn't liked it as much as I liked first two games. Still,I think it was an awesome experience playing it.

Was not as scary as Amnesia : The Dark Descent,but hey... This is a very different kind of game.
I disliked the fact that you don't actually have to use brain in here. You're not limited by resources,sanity nor your health.
Still,my lamp was always on and I've got a good scares few times.
This game is based more on story and atmosphere (which is kind of worse than TDD in my opinion) .
In a few situations,monster we're not dangerous at all,you could just look at them.
But,still,the game was worth every penny.
I liked how the puzzles are solved in a physical way,rather than TDD in which you had to take an item in inventory.
Chinese Room did an amazing job in creating this game. :)
Why ?
You are a dude trapped in shit scary castle,haunted by monsters and totally defenseless against them. Limited by resources (tinderboxes and oil) which is highly important factor in Daniel's sanity.
What I liked the most was the whole atmosphere of the game.
When you see monster,you go insane and you need to get in lightened places BUT you will be more noticeable to monsters.
You need to balance time spent in light and dark.
You actually have to use your brain for that,and all kinds of difficult puzzles you are meeting.
Frictional Games did a good job,and I'm really,really looking into SOMA. (You can check it out here : http://somagame.com/ )
What do you think about Linux in general ?
Is game performance better on Linux ?
Do games played through Wine lag more ?
Thoughts on SteamOS and Steam Machines ?
Put your answers below :p
Congratulations to @Drowned Penguin as well as @BoundlessMotion for winning Brawlhalla! Boundless via steam, and Drowned for being on at the right time! Congratulations once again, and I hope you all enjoy your new games!!!

Despite being a DLC released 12 years after the release of the original game , it was something that still please the fans of the series .

Paradise Lost is a recently-released DLC for the game Postal 2 (released on April 13, 2003) that takes the protagonist, the Postal Dude back to the city of Paradise in a new adventure, continuing the story of Postal 2, after the events of the Apocalypse Weekend, where Paradise is exploded by our hero with an atomic bomb.
Paradise Lost reuses all Postal 2 elements , maintaining the same graphic quality and the same mechanics, but applying in different ways, creating a whole new game with some new possibilities.
Many differences can be noted about the game world, which now has a chaotic atmosphere, some new weapons have been added, the NPC also adopted new behaviors creating some factions to challenge the player, and some others are still dumb.
So if you like a game with little logical sense, and enough action, take a chance to Postal 2 game.

Rating: 8/10
It's almost a law that fans play this DLC , despite being the continuation of a 2003 game , keeping the outdated graphics and mechanics.

I'm livestreaming right now, playing Brawlhalla and giving away free codes to random viewers!!!