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You didn't need to know that but it seems relevant to talk about.For One, I Would Like To Congratulate:
Why? He is taking over my position as Moderator for the meantime.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
What for? For not being on for these past weeks.
How come? I have to go to my doctors.
Check up on my:
Anger & Depression

^ - You didn't need to know that but it seems relevant to talk about.
I've been anyway to Barcelona. It was alright, great i guess. Good I could say.

Yes, I will be busy somewhat soon. Next Week, I got to finish all my school projects and work, some I haven't even started on. Ahem* Maths...

My schedule this week is @School:
Monday - Sports Day
Tuesday - PSHE Day
Wednesday - STEM Day
Thursday - Not even sure...
Friday - Thorpe park

Saturday & Sunday - FREE

In the 6 weeks holiday, I might be busy because now that my YouTube Channel is growing, people want to see FREE INTROS or FREE OUTROS, Banners & Icons even. I already got some request right now.
Besides all that, moving on.

I'll work harder then ever before at the forums then, if I don't go on holiday that is anyway or have some medical issues...
Last week, I've had family reunions, religious praying, traveling and so much more including school.
I'll be back and active in the next 2 weeks. 2 weeks is all I have. I understand that you want the best possible staff and I really do. For now, I don't need moderator right now, not yet.
I don't consider myself as a 'good' moderator nor 'bad'.
In case someone doesn't know, a roguelike is a game that is absurdly difficult, has permadeath, and generally has horrible controls. Games like Nethack, TOME 4, Rogue, Dwarf Fortress, or the figuratively countless others, all are roguelikes.

One of the easiest ones to get into is a free one (with the choice to donate for bonus content) called Tales of Maj'Eyal or TOME 4. It is the easiest one to get into because it doesn't use ASCII tiles, and the controls are sublime. Nethack is one of the hardest ones to get into what with the complex controls and insane difficulty.
Dwarf Fortress is like Minecraft but not like Minecraft at all. This game is so deep and complex you are better off finding a video of it.
Post your favorite minecraft seed below!

Mine is: -6326680535685782330

Here is a picture of it.
Are there any Assassin's Creed fans here? I quite love the series. I'm not sure I'd say I'm a hardcore fan (to the point of knowing the entire history and etc), but I do love playing the games (until I get stuck in a dumb timed event and ragequit :q)

So, I'm curious if there's any fans here; which of the games you guys have, which is your most and least favorites, and why? And/or what you hate about each game or the franchise in general. Just, yaknow, discussion. :p

Me, I only have I, II, Brotherhood, III and Unity (which I was super lucky to win recently, but haven't tried yet). I haven't finished any (most because of the aforementioned timed events XD), but I've gotten pretty far in two of them.
I guess my favorite part of them is the parkour (a thing I really like about the Prince of Persia series too) and the whole exploration-of-huge-cities/silent-assassinations (which I totally fail at ^.^), and definitely the thing I hate the most is the timed events. DX (And that they have no "low" settings except for ACI, which looks like utter crap in lowest settings, like seriously... I have other AAA games that look decent and are playable still on lowest settings, so it definitely can be done. WTF Ubisoft... )

My goal is to collect all the games is the franchise because of reasons. XP

Game: 4PM
Overall rating: 1/10
Graphics: 3/10
Controls: 6/10
Level/Puzzle Design:N/A
Sound: 5/10
Story: N/A
Replay Value: 0/10
Community: N/A


Let me get this out of the way first:

4PM is supposed to be an interactive story, and in that, I suppose it manages, sort of, to at least convey some kind of story, assuming you can put up with it. I won’t be discussing the story itself because I’ll address mostly the big reasons to not even attempt this game/movie/story/thing.

The choice subject (alcoholism and suicide), can make for a dark, interesting story. Instead, what it was trying to say was lost in awful game mechanics and graphics. While the surroundings might be passable, and the little sign with sun coming through might make for a pretty postcard, the whole thing is quite the wreck otherwise. The only thing the poor character has going for her is that she has a body (unlike half the FPS games), but other than that, she’s quite awful to look at, making you thankful that it’s FPS... until you start moving.

I don't think even drunk people walk like this character does. You could argue that she was drunk, it is a story about alcoholism after all, but I’m fairly sure the story start was a ‘morning after’ sorta thing, and she had no reason to be swaying like drunkard just yet. And even assuming it wasn’t (and that she maybe was drunk), the game should still be bearable to play, not purposefully make you sick for edginess' sake.
The blurring effect found through the start of the game gave me a headache, just to go along with how sick her swaying walk made me feel. Looking...
I came across a game on Steam that is early access and still under development but looks really fun. It's called Hardland. PC Gamer actually wrote an article about it and the preview picture got me interested.

Of course, I don't have the 14.99 to spend on the game at this moment but was wondering if anyone had any info on the game. I'd love to hear some feedback from someone who played the game!

Here is the link on Steam if anyone is confused or is also interested: http://store.steampowered.com/app/321980/


Eufloria is a Real Time Strategy game that involves interplanetary exploration. It is full of bright colors, unique game-play, but limited quests of "Destroy all other life on the other planets". It isn't completely limited, but doesn't have much of a branch in level build but the difficulty does increase drastically within the first few rounds. I can admit I was biting my nails and pulling my hair at some of the levels, and with Steam Achievements attempting to get a 100% has made me quite infuriated at times. It is definitely a challenge, even though the missions don't vary much.

The Gameplay

You are a representative of a plant, the reason why "Flor" is in the middle of Euphoria. The 'Soldiers' that you have on the game are actually seedlings. With 10 seedlings you can occupy an unclaimed planet and plant them to grow a tree. These trees will produce seedlings on a planet. Each planet will continue to produce seedlings up to 40. You can move the seedlings from planet to planet so the intial planet will continue to produce more seedlings for your army. Your goal in most missions is to explore each planet available and plant a tree in each planet. Here is where the fun starts.


In this example image you are the green trees and seedlings. Purple is the enemy. In order to attack an enemy, you have to send your seedlings to the planet of choice. If they have seedlings or defense trees they will shoot lasers or bombs and try to take out your attackers. The larger your army the better.

Some planets will actually have different attack properties and can make your seedlings either more powerful when attacking, or planting another tree, or speed. Each can be used to your advantage but be sure to use your seedlings wisely!


I have found myself replaying levels over and over to lower down the amount of time it took me to complete, and if you...
During the summer sale I bought Ampu-Tea ,a Surgeon Simulator-like game in which you make a tea with robotic arm.
Now,the conditions to refund the game are : Game must be purchased within 2 weeks
Playtime must not be greater than 2 hours.

The game right now is cheaper about 0,25€ ,and I decided to refund it (to a guy without a credit card it means a lot lol) . I wasn't hoping Steam will accept my refund request because my playtime is near 3 hours,but guess what,they did.

They may have a bad customer support (although it isn't their bad,it's because of cancer ass community),but they are friendly as hell. Almost as good as EA Support.

You have to wait way longer than in EA,but hey ! Steam is awesome,and they would do anything to make their customers happy. (Skyrim paid mods,never forget) :D
I don't know about y'all but I am a loyal player of the Sims. I have 3 & 4 currently.
I have to say, I LOVE Sims 4. Especially the new DLC, Get to Work.
What are some of y'alls favorite things to do in Sims?
& do you have any work that you are particularly proud of ?