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I don't know about y'all but I am a loyal player of the Sims. I have 3 & 4 currently.
I have to say, I LOVE Sims 4. Especially the new DLC, Get to Work.
What are some of y'alls favorite things to do in Sims?
& do you have any work that you are particularly proud of ?
Hey guys, some of you might know about this website, but for the others - there is a website where you can get some games for free, but it's more about luck.
Each time somebody posts a giveaway, every user gets some points. Then, you can spend these points to enter giveaways.
The giveaways themselves work as a lottery, but there are also featured giveaways made by developers themselves and these giveaways have 50+ steam keys (I've even ran into a giveaway with 500 keys).
Be sure to give it a try and look at FAQ to get more details :)
What are your thoughts? I got it and I am almost done with the 4th chapter but I am unsure of how I feel about the game. I like the fact that you are choosing what happens and that changes how the story progresses but on another hand, I hate that it's so slow. I feel like I spend a lot of time waiting and watching. There is a lot of interacting but at the same time, it isn't anything special.

Game: Alien Swarm
Overall rating: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Controls: 7/10
Level/Puzzle Design:7/10 (but very few)
Sound: 7/10
Story: N/A
Replay Value: 7/10 (with friends only)
Community: Terribly Low


I feel like this is a really underrated game. It’s a shame people almost no longer play this game, because I just really enjoyed it. It's light, it's cool, and it's sci-fi. And it's -not- FPS (though I hear you can make it go into first person view). Unfortunately, during the time I had it installed and played there weren't any other people to play with, but that doesn't make it any less fun, as you can go into single player mode. Even the default offline/single player mode was fun… for a while.

The game is a pretty typical top-down shooter with a leveling system to acquire better upgrades and weapons. It’s actually quite nice, if not overly original (group of marines hunting down bug-like aliens). The graphics and sounds aren’t anything to write home about, but they’re not bad either.

I do wish it had more maps and levels for offline/single player as well and/or online solo maps for beginners, though, because as far as length it’s quite short, and after playing it over and over on your own it gets rather boring. I know you can manually install different maps, but it just becomes a hassle, as the game doesn’t have workshop integrated.

This is really a game best enjoyed playing with friends, and that’s how I recommend you play it if you’re interested.

And the best part of all? It’s free! [​IMG]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
First things first, the basic rules.
In CS:GO, you have the choice to play five official gamemodes:

-Arms Race


Summary of gamemodes:

In Arms Race, the player gets weapons not by the money, but by killing people. Each two kills get you a new weapon. At the final stage of the weapon, you will get the Gold Knife. Kill someone with it, and you win.


Deathmatch, yes. In Deathmatch, it is like a "warm-up" or "practice" mode. For me, at least. In this gamemode, you join a server, and you just kill everybody you see, except your teammates. You can get weapons for free. There are also random occasions in which the game will tell you that a weapon currently has bonus points, and if you want to use that particular weapon, you press g by default. The person who gets the most points, wins.


So next in the list, is Demolition. It is set to be a 5 vs 5 match. It also has 20 rounds. The first team to get 11 rounds wins, and it can even finish with a tie. In the first half, you play as a set team. In the second, you play as the other team. You cannot buy any weapons, but instead, you get weapons by killing people, just like in Arms Race. Money is also not rewarded.

But this is different: let's make a scenario. In (Round 1), you kill an enemy. the weapon will be rewarded to you on the next round. But what if you kill two in one round? You still get to advance to the next weapon, but you get a bonus grenade. For example:

2 kills: next wep + bonus grenade
3 kills: next wep + 2 bonus grenades

Get the pattern? Yeah.


What next? Oh, yeah. It's Casual.

Casual is a 10vs10 game, with 15 rounds. The first team to get 8 wins, wins the match. It is split into two sub-gamemodes: Bomb Defusal (IIRC), and...
Anyone suggest me or the people tips on CS:GO?
I'm quite experienced however!
why not give the people that are new to the game tips & tricks to improve gameplay
my ping usually & often reaches 100 - 900 ping - ONLY IN-GAME

}} I'm Rank 3.
}} 35 Overall Game Hours

> Resolution: 640x480
> Graphics settings: Low
> 30-60 FPS
> Mouse sensitivity: 15.6
@Keirsten has won the game Brawlhalla! Congratulations, and looking forward to seeing you around.
I am completely in love with Minecraft. That may sound stupid but I just love the simplicity of it. I have a hard time finding fun servers to play on because they are either over-populated or under-populated. I want a server that you can actually interact with the players but not feel overwhelmed by the amount that is online.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
Congratulations @CasualCastiel for purchasing a random game! You have been awarded your random game, Barbarian! It is now sold out in our Shop :D I hope you enjoy, and look forward to seeing you around the forums ^.^
Whats the worst moment you've had, whether it being someone raging, ragequitting, etc?

this JUST happened to me, a plat 5 player, in a normals match playing as quinn, rages as i killed him atleast 3 times over every time he appeared in a fight, (i was full on ap blitzcrank) the saltyness of the quinn was extremely funny and amusing to me, it was like he/she was going to explode like a nuke, the comment afterwards that he made on his smurf was really funny because my elo is currently 1,353 and his smurf is 1,280.
jokes on him LEL

the profile in the backround is the account he played against me with