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Xyphien submitted a new shop:

Endless Space® - Emperor Edition - Buy Endless Space for GH$300

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Xyphien submitted a new shop:

Coin Crypt - Buy Coin Crypt for $250

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Xyphien submitted a new shop:

Real Boxing™ - Buy Real Boxing™ for GH$250

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~Dev submitted a new shop:

Dino D-Day - Frantic, multiplayer action involving Nazis and dinosaurs! What are you waiting for?

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Follow the images for a simple, and easy way to make your own shop/sale.

First, click on the shop icon:


Then click on the "ADD SHOP" button

It will then prompt you with a category, choose from one. These are all of what you can sell.


Now you will fill out the information. I'll break this down for you.


The title is for the name of whatever you're selling. If it's a game, it will be the name of the game. A steam card it will be the name, example: CSGO IDF Trading Card.

Tag line is a brief example, such as CSGO IDF Trading Card selling for GH$80

Shop Type (MUST READ) You will have the url as http://gamehandout.com/bank/transfer this means when they click on the buy button it will bring them to the area to give you the money. You are NOT to have any outside url other than that as your link. If you are caught doing so you will be warned, and after that you will be blocked from making shops. Next, you will put the price of the item. In the case of the CSGO card you will put 80.

Description you will put up a trailer of the item, or a picture of the item if it's a card or item (Such as CSGO key, DOTA Items, etc):

Next you will click the *Upload shop icon* and add an image of the game/item to it.

Here is an example of what it should look like:


After this, you will click SAVE to upload the image.


Simply upload the image, and click Save Changes. And just like that you have made your very own item for sale!
Xyphien submitted a new shop:

Out of the Park Baseball 15 - Out of the Park Baseball 15 selling for GH$250

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Xyphien submitted a new shop:

Kill The Bad Guy - Buy kill the bad guy for $250

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I wanted to share with you a project I have been working on for some time.

Watching TotalBiscuit's videos I realized about how the Steam curator system was being handled. I noticed how there is the trend of following a language totalitarianism when it comes to offering curation and reviews, and, in addition to this, I also became aware about the lack of dedicated curators and reviewers in non-English languages for the non-speaking communities. From that time, inspired by wishes of contributing to a non-English language, I have been "cooking the idea" of making a curator group that would gather good Hispanic reviewers, like-minded individuals, that would work together to achieve a common goal: offering elaborated reviews to curate players and encourage the active discussion about the gaming industry, so a couple of weeks ago I met with a couple a friends, and after a brainstorm we came up with Mentor Píxel.

Mentor Píxel born from the idea of going against the trend of the language centralism that reigns in curator system of Steam. All the Steam curator system is currently monopolized by the English speaker community, and the problem is so serious that even the non-English speaker have decided to post reviews, not in their native language, but in English, for the sake of getting attention or whatever reason that does not justify, at least in my stuborn opinion, the fact of no supporting your native language. (It might be a highly subjective view.)

The thing is that many people would like to follow curators that offer reviews in their language, but sadly, the current curator search system is not friendly enough, causing those curators to be clouded and burried by the most recognized and popular ones (English-speakers, as usual). And there are so many talented curators in other languages that are buried deep in the search result and the curator list. (To fix this technical issue I have made my...
Hey guys!

So Ive been rolling some ideas over in my head on a small game I could make in a program like Game maker studio and I figured I should bounce it off you all and see how you like it. Furthermore if you have an idea for a game concept please feel free to post it below, give me all the details you can such as : Genre (horror,SiFi,Fantasy) Setting (where you want the game to take place: a barn, A vault tech vault, A far away kingdom) Time period (is it 1922 with gangsters, 2354 with lasers and space combat) Story line (this would include anything about the main character and the time: Is a mighty Ork king terrorizing local villager? Is a Galaxy reeling from interspeicies civil war? Is our hero simply lost in a Barn? Also how and why are we here?)
What sort of weapons exist in the world and whats most common? Any other details such as currency, clothing, fighting style share it all! Who knows, someone might like your idea and make it!

I really have 2 ideas I think would be neat for a simple 2d old school rpg type feel.

[Trouble in the hive!]
Trouble in the hive is a take on the hives of resident evil. The hives serve as massive underground research complexes and have always fascinated me. TiTH would have players entering a hive as an umbrella assault team with the end goal being to stop the red queen and shut her down. Along the way battles would include zombie hordes and assorted *lightly mutated* creatures such as the dogs. Im not big on the over the top mutated things of resident evil so it would be more classic zombies but I think some variants would be neat *Security team zombies with body armor*. Along the way players would discover items telling the story of what caused the hive to collapse in the form of research and interactions with NPCs.
Setting for this would be modern day or near future so conventional weapons and equipment being the standard but with a tech feel as we all know umbrella wouldn't have crap equipment. I don't think id put in...
~This is part 2 of my top favorite games!
~Fell free to say one(or more than one) favorite(s) game in comment below or in PM(how u want)
+I make part 2 because last time i was out of time and in hurry to meet some friends
~And again sorry by non-posting :(
~Minecraft(Welcome to beautiful world of Minecraft, green grass, fresh air and animal who can explode, yea...
just try it :D )
~Unturned(Looks like Minecraft but play like in DayZ)
~Far Cry(game series) (Fell free to try a jump in the water :3 )
~All zombie apocalypse/dinosaur survival games(7 Days to Die,DayZ/Ark) <---These are just some examples
~Trove (Just because crafting and level up :D )
~S4League(This is a shooter/MMO/Anime what do u want more M8?)
~Metin2(Just kidding i hate this game just beacause i lost a lot of time by do not do any good in my life)
3.Strategy(These games are more for DS platform...)
~POKEMON!!!(Game Series) (Welcome to Dr.Oak/or any other doctors,1st. question.... are u a boy or a girl? 2nd. question what is your name and the name of your partner friend/enemy? 3.rd question what starter you want to have? and you are good to go!)
~Shin Megami Tensei -Devil Survivor/Devil Survivor 2/Strange Journey (Welcome in a demon world where to survive u need more than food and water...)
And i think that is all...(sorry i don't like very much moba games just because i don't know how to play good...)