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Game: Soul Gambler
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Tlön Studios
Publisher: Gamestorming
Release Date: August 1, 2013
Platform: PC / Played on Windows 7
Overall rating: 8/10
Graphics: 6.5/10
Controls: 9/10
Level/Puzzle Design:8.5/10
Sound: 7/10
Story: 7/10
Replay Value: 9/10
Community: N/A


Soul Gambler is a Visual Novel inspired by Goethe’s Faust. I guess I can see how that’s true, as it does deal with selling soul and a guy called Faust.
Faust is a normal man whom, as it so happens, is one day approached by a person after which he’s offered to sell his soul (not to spoil it, that’s as much as I’ll say of the story).
The gameplay mechanics are fairly easy from then on; it being a visual novel, you’re presented with the story as it unfolds and given chances to interact: do you want to do this or do that? will you sell x% of your soul to get this or will you not? And so on, and so forth.

The art is all cartoon/comic book styled, and though I wasn’t much of a fan, they weren’t visually awful either. The storytelling is told as an interactive comic would be, with panes appearing and disappearing. The story in itself was fairly good and kept me hooked up until the end. I wasn’t really overly fond of some of the endings, but they weren’t horrible either, so overall I was pretty content with the story even if it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.
Sounds and music are pretty nice, and seem to fit with the game well enough.


The game is really, really short, but what it does really well is the amount of options it offers you. This, to...
Here is a very bland, and boring video of me doing the latest giveaway! It shows you exactly what we do to choose the random games, and provides proof that it is actually random, and we don't pick favorites, etc. :D

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@BananaPie has chosen the game Insurgency!
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Glacier 3: The Meltdown
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@feyerbrand has purchased Mass Effect 2. Congratulations on your new game, I hope you enjoy it, and hope to see you around!


This is a game that requires local or online multiplayer. You cannot succeed without 2 players. I tried to play it as one person but that proved frustrating and made me want to pull my hair out when trying to collect all the point spheres. So if you want to play a game co-op this is the one to get!



You are Ibb, your friend is Obb. Or vice versa really depends on which part of the keyboard you want to use. One player uses WSAD to steer their person around the map, the other can use up, down, left, right. I didn't try this with controllers but I am sure there is controller maps as well so you don't have to squash your hands on a tiny keyboard and get frustrated at one another for trying to move the laptop around. Either way it was fun to have the challenge of not only overcoming the baddies, but your bestie attempting to murder you in real life.

The goal is to collect as many point orbs from smashing enemies as possible and make it to the end of the level safely. There is about 10 hours of gameplay here with saves if you die constantly like we did. The world is crazy, you have a reverse side and a normal side. You have to use physics to figure out puzzles, and to avoid obstacles. There are very little controls to the game, so really it comes down to manipulating gravity and your friend to get to where you need to go next.


The pink character can not go through green portals, and the green can't go through pink. For the most part the game is self explanitory and very straight forward so you aren't locked into playing the game with the same person. You can sit down, grab the keyboard, and go no matter the person sitting next to you in the co-pilot chair. It is worth the hours of laughter and the frustrating sequences of broken game phsyics. Honestly though who doesn't like a little broken game physics (Not...
Sifting through 6 hours of gameplay is kinda time consuming but ohey. Capitalism!
Could make it longer but it's hard to find jokes about RPG games, well, this one is a bit easier as it's an interesting RPG game.

Recettear was reviewed for various reasons, mostly because hey, why not?

Also, cropped video, made sure only the game is visible :p

Recettear, recettee tear? Resettear? ....that thing on the screen? Reccetear

Yes, Recettear an items shop's tale made by EasyGayStation and Carpet Fulgur.

So in this game you sell shit, and go exploring and get all of your funds taken by force every week because Capitalism Hoo.

So you have this annoying fairy thing that is a loan shark and obviously abusing you to get more money, Just like banks in real life.

Look at that bastard happily stealing your shit

On a happier note

You can go on Adventures featuring this brain dead person that do whatever you say!

You can slay anything from slimes to these magical tentacle monsters that really gets me going.

Really Forcing me to really get rid of fluids building up in my lower half.

Nonono dont go, trust me there is an enjoyable game somewhere in here!

Yeah, yeah who is it dear recette!

What are saying mad person she is standing right there, there, cmon look, there, Right outside the windows. She is still looking at you! what the hell!

Darnit, now i have to broaden my racial target audience to earn enough money to keep this crap afloat

Of course the Antagonistic evil owner of the some rival super market is an spoiled Aryan, ARYAN

We are the source of all the evil in the world since world fucking war 2.

Hey that would make a nice porn flick.

just like those tentacle monsters from earlier

Okay on track, how are the bosses?

Yup, a gooey pile of shit.

Even better, it shrinks by itself for some reason and gets really easy to kill.

This is nothing like dark souls.

Okay but how about the next boss?