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Hey guys, I realized after looking through the steam inventory I have 3 copies of this DLC that literally aren't doing me any good. If anyones interested AND has the main game PayDay 2 I want to see the wildest, craziest Payday pictures you can find on the internet or took yourself. Anything from wild glitches to just epic mask designs post um here. Its 1:20 pm my time and ill pick winners tonight at 11 pm so you got a few hours!

NOTICE: All the gifts are DLC and on steam. You MUST have the main game to use them but you can certainly regift them if you do not. I can send the item either through steam or through email either way and will send the items out as soon as a winner is picked!

Good luck everyone! Have fun!

Clicking Bad


Clicking Bad is a browser based clicking game with simple objectives. I am sure almost all of your have heard of the acclaimed Cookie Clicker by Orteil, this is a very similar style game, but instead of just clicking a cookie to produce more, you actually have to manufacture and sell your product to get ahead in the game. I have been playing this for a few days now, and honestly it is quite addictive and uses up little to no PC resources. So if you want to have a fun time burner browser game, this is actually one I find myself going to when I get a bored at the office.


In Clicking Bad (a spin on Breaking Bad) you are in charge of producing and cooking Meth. You click the "Cook!" button to produce and manufacture. From there after you have produced some you can sell it. The price of your product can increase, but only with purchased upgrades. Be careful with the upgrades, distribution, manufacturing and laundering.

When you purchase upgrades you follow a similar life of Walter White. From growing a goatee, to getting your famous hat. Each of these can increase the price of your product, and increase your DEA risk. Be sure to get yourself a dirty lawyer like Saul Goodman to cover your back to prevent you from getting sniffed out. Though producing by hand is slow, and so is selling your goods. Be sure to create a way to manufacture by buying a van or in the future some serious underground laboratories. You can also have a few dealers who help with moving your product faster, but this means the more money in pocket the higher chance the IRS will come and charge you a fine. Be sure that you have proper channels of laundering, like a lemonade stand... or a chicken restaurant.


Here is a screenshot of my current progress to give you an idea of what this...
There are two steam giveaway websites that I go to but everyone is probably familiar with them: Steamgifts, and SteamCompanion. I personally like Steamgifts more because there are a lot more active giveaways.
PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition DX+ All You Can Eat Edition Bundle
Ace Combat Assault Horizon - Enhanced Edition
Ridge Racer™ Unbounded Bundle
ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition
Dark Souls™: Prepare To Die™ Edition
Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey
Paranautical Activity: Deluxe Atonement Edition
The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight
Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition
Vertical Drop Heroes HD
Another Perspective
Steel Storm: Complete Edition
Blades of Time Limited Edition
bit Dungeon II
Etherlords I & II
Wizardry 8
Rune Classic
FATE: Undiscovered Realms
Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny HD + The Gods DLC
What is gamehandout?
It's a gaming community, made to help out the gaming community. To give back to them... you. This is why even our youtube will now be community ran! If you're interested in making some videos for our youtube then read the information below.

When you upload a video to youtube, we will have a link back to your GameHandout Profile, as well as your youtube channel. You will also get some Gamehandout money based on the quality of the video, length, etc.

If this interests you, here are some rules/terms you must abide by:

:bow: We use ads on our youtube channel, but it all goes towards GameHandout and making it better, this means that you will not get any payment based on the ads displayed on the channel. In allowing us to put your video up you agree with this.​

:bow: When you allow us to upload a video, it has to be a unique video. This means you cannot upload it to your channel, it is directly, and strictly just our channel. It cannot hold any copyrighted material, this means no copyrighted music at all, regardless of how long it's in the video. If for 4 seconds you have Baby by Justin Beiber (Don't worry, I won't judge... too hard) the video will be denied permission to upload on our channel.​

:bow: Your content must match both youtubes and GameHandout's rules/terms of service. So, no hacking, illegal content (You can't just sit there and blaze up on camera, or be injecting thah marijuana), your girl can't be sitting there buck naked in the background either. You get the point?​

:bow: Keep it PG13 or lower please, it's fine to cuss. You all know I do all the time, but you can't f*cking go around and f*cking say some bullsh*t all the f*cking time like a complete c*nt and hate on every f*cking thing that you want like a little b*tch.​

:bow: You must have commentaries, as well as...​
Arma 3 is a very fun military simulator and is very similar to its predecessor arma 2.
It's gameplay is very fun it's has its ups and down and still has some problems but we will get into that in the later part. To play arma 3 you really need a good computer because this game is very graphic intense. And also this game looks amazing but is very hard to run with quality like that unless you have a epic computer. To play multiplayer like most do you will want a good headset and at least some sort of mic. You will most likely need skype or some other chatting application such as teamspeak or oovoo. The overall cost of the game is around $60 so it's your standard AAA title. Now let's get into gameplay


Story mode- or as some would call it campaign mode. Campaign for arma 3 is really great the missions are awesome and the ai is really great it makes you feel like you are in a multiplayer match but with less chaos.
There are a number of missions to play, I haven't played most of the missions so I'm not sure how the rest go the the ones I played were great. In the campaign the ai (bots) tell you where to go and where to look and when to revive them so it's really useful to train up in for the main arma 3 mode multiplayer.


Multiplayer for arma 3 is really I mean really great. But before I get all the way into the good I'm just going to say there is desync and a lot of it, it's really scary. There is also lag but it's barely noticeable most of the time.
There are a lot of people that play the multiplayer too, so you will never be alone. This is were cooperation and a lot of mic use is needed. At some points you'll need to call out were enimies are and what coordinates are they at and stuff simmular to what a person in the military would say so you can guess what that means.
There are a lot of dedicated and normal servers that are really great with low lag issues. There are a lot of gamemodes like breaking point, epoch(dayz), king of...
Congratulations @BoundlessMotion for winning the 6,000 post giveaway!!!

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You've won the game: Whisper of a rose

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Game Info
Title: Super Trench Attack!
Tag: Action, RPG, Comedy, WW1
Developer: Retro Army Limited
Publisher: Retro Army Limited
Release Date: 24 Jul, 2014

System Requirements
OS: Windows XP
Processor: 1.6GHZ
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 64MB
Hard Drive: 196 MB available space
Graphics: Retro looks (B)
Controls: No problem here (A)
Sound: Not bad (B)
Story: Just typical be a hero and save the world (C+)
Price vs Value: Such a cheap game to entertain you, go buy it! (A+)Hour to finish: Mine is only 5 hour, quite short and this is with all achievement (A)
Engine: Very optimized, no lag whatsoever, i'm sure older PC are able to play it (A)
Overall rating: Play it (B+)

1. What you should expect from this game?
: Top Down Shooter (meaning you can see everything alongside your character)
Gameplay: Shooter with a bit of RPG for main game and Rail Shooter for bosses
Graphic: Retro Looks
Enemies: Mostly human and animals ::)
Features: Funny loading screen and chatter lol
Multiplayer: umm no
Replay Value: NO New Game + but you can replay last mission and go to missed areas and collect stuff

you play as that brown guy with white short​

2. Review
Super Trench Attack! Wow where should I begin. The first time I play this game, it looks weird, but in a good way. Just looking at loading screen you’ll know this game is all about goofball and...
Hello everyone!

Not sure if anyones heard of this website or not, seems to be more russian than anything but gameminer.net is a website that host nothing but game giveaways. Fairly simple you just sign up and wait. With time you get coal which can be used in the cheap game giveaways that every other Tom, Jerry, Moe, Jerry's momma, And Teds uncle are in. Then through buying (which I stick away from) or through inviting others and making giveaways yourself you'll earn gold which is used it top tier giveaways for more expensive games and less competition. As i mentioned there are literally tons of people on here but you never know when you might get lucky and win something and at the very least you could bring it back here to spread the love.

If anyones interested and the admin gods approve of it ill post my invite codes here daily but they're first come first serve so I promise nothing. I usually post them on steam groups but im liking this community a little more so here you have it!

First code:
*removed by mod*

Edit: If anyones interested and not wanting to wait around you can get access to the website if you have a steam account worth at least $100. Also if anyone finds this to a scam in anyway PLEASE let me know immediately, having not won anything yet im still not 100% sure on it.
What games are you most excited for?