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I've came with the decision of not running giveaways in CGiveaways anymore because... well, bureaucracy.

I wish this would be a matter of whether or not make use of the event system and such technical differences with the other staff members, but that is not the case. You might take this decision as a matter of interests.

CGiveaways was the first giveaway group I joined on Steam, and in there, I won my first game in any giveaway. I started to appreciate the group and its staff and always raised a voice against those slandering them for whatever reason. One day I was promoted to moderator, and I was very enthusiastic for it. I started running giveaways, arranging tournaments, writing articles about giveaway groups and such, all exclusively and in the name of CGiveaways.

I like writing. A lot. I study Spanish and English and teaching is what I do for living. One of the things I like the most is writing video game reviews and articles for the benefit of a group or a determined community. I feel joy when I know they are useful for people. I also love working in projects. It is one of my passions. Usually these articles and projects serves to an ideology; ideology I, of course, share and post in such mini-eassys.

My latest project has been Mentor Píxel, a curator group that offers standardized reviews in Spanish for the Hispanic community. I took two months with some friends to establish the foundations, discussing the principles and being back and forth with the group management. Lately, in vacations, I finished writing my latest reviews to be qualified as a valid Steam curator. All I needed was a little push, a short promotion, a mention, a space for the group to say "I exist".

My first option, logically, was CGiveaways.

It turned out that I've been...
Xyphien submitted a new shop:

[SALE]Random Game - But a random game for GH$125

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Xyphien submitted a new shop:

Goats on a Bridge - Buy Goats on a bridge for GH$200

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In order to avoid people re-posting the same sites over and over if they fall out of the first page, I've compiled a list of all the current giveaway sites that are free, and those that are 'free' but might require referrals.

Please keep in mind:

  • GameHandout is not associated with any of these sites and thus cannot guarantee their functionality.
  • Giveaway sites are only as honest as their users are. Even if most users in those sites are good, there is always the chance that something you win might not be redeemable.
  • Posting referrals is not allowed. (meaning you can post the link, but not the referral code or section)
  • Posting links to sites that have surveys is not allowed.

Most of these giveaway sites require a minimum steam account worth in order to enter, others allow you in without the right amount if you have referral codes. Please do not request or post referral codes. They're easily available in many other places.

Here are the Giveaway Sites:
Note: Gameminer.ru and Gameminer.net are the same.

General Interest Sites With Occasional Giveaways:
~Dev submitted a new shop:

Out There Somewhere - Buy out there somewhere for 150 GH

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Hello Everybody!

As many of you know, Tales of Symphonia is coming to steam this coming year LINK
I've been meaning to play it and this will be the best way to get into it for me for the first time, so I 'm curious what everyone's experience has been with the game. I know a lot of people love it, and it is a JRPG so I kinda can figure what to expect. but I want to know if this is the best Tales game or does Zesteria top it?
skelton912 submitted a new shop:

Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition - Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition for sale cheap!

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Check out this new giveaway! Giving out Cities in Motion 2 friday :) Good luck everyone.
~Dev submitted a new shop:

Polarity - Buy Polarity Steam gift for 150 GH

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This Friday we will be doing a tactics arena tournament. Tactics Arena is a free... tactical game. Kind of like chess,but a lot more fun. That winner will get GH $25 and a random game!

Post saying you want to join, we're going to be making a bracket Friday and recording/livestreamkng the gameplay.