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GameHandout Community

Gaming Forum + Free game giveaways

We all know that the free game ubi is currently giving away Splinter Cell. BUTT ;) we now got another update bout what game is next in line to be grabbed by our library. So let's get down in the ups. Well according to my reliable source (*cough*) (*just saw it on twitter*) (*cough*). The next game they will be giving away is Rayman: Origins ... Don't worry it's not on origin it's on uplay I dunno if I should be happy bout that butttttttt ;) the game will be available on. *Drum Roll Please* August 17, 2016. So mark your calendars if you have one. And join us with countdown. Dat's it for now.

Who here loves Super Smash Bro's? I'm sure the mass majority of people agree that it is an extremely fun game. However, how many people own a Nintendo type of system, or have the money to pay for the game. Brawlhalla brings smash bro styled gameplay to the PC for FREE! Yes, you heard it. FREE!

Brawlhalla is an extremely fun, extremely addicting, and extremely competitive game much like Super Smash Bro's. A platform fighting game, where you pick up weapons, items, etc. and try to knock the other person out. Play several game modes such as timed mode where you see who can get the highest score in the amount of time. Score is depending on who you knock out. +2 for knocking someone out, -1 for being knocked out. At the end of the time, the person with the most points wins. Stock, a set lives of, normally 3 (Customizable). Once you get knocked out 3 times you're out. Or play some new, and creative game modes such as Brawlball. A football styled gamemode where you have to bring the football from one end to the other. Once you get hit it flies out of your hand. And much more.


Choose from LOADS of characters, each one with their own unique attacks, styles, stats, etc. Find a favorite and play.


The graphics are really cute looking, cartoony styled artwork that goes great with the gameplay, and style of the game. It looks well made, though there are limited animations for each move, etc. Most characters share the same animation. For example, most swords, if not all share the up jump attack, and falling down attack. Same goes with just about every style of weapon. Axe, Spear, hammer, guns, etc.

Sound is the same with the graphics, often times the weapons share the same exact sound effect based on the type of weapon. The background...
First of all Personally I kinda feel bad cause you know I personally bought the first episode in its full price. Now I kinda feel like I wasted that money knowing that it's gonna be free anyway. I mean Sheeeesh couldn't you guys at least give as a pretty grandeus discount on the next episode. Well like what Dead Island Definitive Edition did I bought it for a cheap price cause of the discount because I own dead island.

ANYWAYYYYYSSS AS ALWAYYSSSSS HERE IT IS : http://store.steampowered.com/app/319630/
To anyone who plays OldSchool Runescape, Free4Newbs (A.K.A. My new youtube channel) is giving away 1m on OSRS to one lucky person. https://gleam.io/vqsFG/1-mil-giveaway-osrs here is the giveaway link.

Gaming Updates

Sorry bout what happened yesterday it was kind of a let down knowing that we won't get Splinter Cell anytime soon but anyways I'll make up to you. Plus look on the bright side what if we get a better game than Splinter Cell. But as far as I know I think the next game would be anytime in the mid of July.

But this will make ya more happy but you better be fast. Fat shark games the one who created Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide is giving something special. It is a multiplayer wild west styled game. AND CRAZY THING IS THEY ARE GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE FOR THE FIRST 100,000 who joined so i'm giving you guys the opportunity to be one of em'. So nuff said get it now here :http://100k.fatsharkgames.com/

ANYWAY that's it for today

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If you have been under the rails all month and havent heard that ubisoft is celebrating its 30 years of success. What?! you don't care about them them celebrating their anniversary? Well then what if I told they are gonna giveaway their best classic games once a month for the next 30 more. I like this idea if you wanna remember their nostalgic but fun games. ANYWAYSSSSSSS it's your last chance to get Prince of Persia The Sands of Time today. Because correct me if i'm wrong somebody told me that they are gonna replace it with Tom Clancy Splinter cell tomorrow.

Here's The Link :https://club.ubi.com/#!/en-GB/ubi30

Well on other news

Origin is giving away another on the house game and an expansion pack for Battlefield Hardline

Check it out here : https://www.origin.com/en-sg/store/free-games/on-the-house

Weather Forcast

Washington D.C. will be partly cloudy and the temperature will play at 31 Celsius
WITH A 20% chance of precipitation...

(EDIT) WELLLPPPPPPP BAD NEWSSSSSSS Looks like my predictions were wrong sorry bout that but I'll make sure to make it up to you with a better giveaways. Well my "source" said that there are no other rumors yet about what game will show next on ubi but until then Stick with prince of persia first XDDDDDD...

Turn's out my friend was right after all...

Be active an make sure to read my GAMING NEWWSSSSSS , GIVEAWAYYSSSS and RUMORS


Gamehandout is doing a Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 giveaway for it's members! Simply by being a member and clicking on this link, followed by doing some of the things it tells you to do, you can win Black Ops 3 for steam! http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/53a7741f1/ Here is the code to join!​
Hello everyone! I am proud to announce that GameHandout will be coming back! We will have loads more game giveaways using a better giveaway system that will allow us to get bigger with ease, as well as allow y'all to receive the games slightly easier!

We have a lot of stuff in stored, so stay tuned and become more active!
--- Double Post Merged, Jul 6, 2016, Original Post Date: Jul 6, 2016 ---
Also, congratulations to @Rosire Sabido @BananaPie @LucasGodzilla and @couchred123 you four have became permanent VIP members! You have stayed with us through the bad times, and good. You kept on posting on the forums, even when no one would. You all deserve these VIP statuses, and I thank you for being an active part of the community despite our innactivity!