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Bless Online is an amazing MMO that's currently only out for Korea, and Russia. However the US version is currently being worked on. In the mean time, you can play Bless Online via russia and still have it in english (Pretty poor translations, but enough to understand what's going on and how to play). This tutorial/guide will teach you how to play the game! Keep in mind that the game itself is free 2 play, however out of 4 VPNs I've used, only one works for the game, and it's $13 a month. So, in order to play the russian version you will be forced to pay $14 a month.

First off, let's go ahead and download the game as you don't need a VPN to download it.

Download: https://bless.101xp.com/download
Direct Download: https://xp-scw-bless-web.akamaized.net/launcher101xp_setup.exe

This download is 100% safe as I've downloaded it, and personally ran a scan through bitdefender.

After that gets done downloading you will need a VPN, the only VPN that's worked for me as I've paid for 4 of them trying to get this to work is ExpressVPN.

Website: https://www.expressvpn.com

Keep in mind that this is around $13 a month. As far as I can tell there isn't a free trial of it available either.

Once you've downloaded that, go ahead and open it up. Then click "select Location" and then find Russia and chose that. Your IP will now be in russia.

Now, open up the Launcher 101xp that you've downloaded.

Then find Bless, and click on it. There you should see a green button, simply click that button to begin downloading Bless. I'm unsure if this part requires a VPN, I used it with VPN. Keep in mind that this is a peer to peer download, so you will probably get around .30mbs - 2mbs. It's really slow and took me a whole day to download.

After that your game should be downloaded.

It's now time to download the English...

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/senpaidating-dating-site-for-gamers-anime/x/3326231#/ this campaign just went live, and if it gets funded it will be a dating website specifically for gamers, and those who like anime. The more 'nerdy' type of style. Which is something I'm really interested in (Not because it's my idea or anything). I'd highly recommend checking it out, sharing it, or donating to it if you have enough spare cash laying around.
This post will have a list of all the Frequently Asked Questions both on, and off the site.

  • What is GameHandout?
GameHandout is a forum based on giving back the gaming community. Our goal is to have an amazing community of members that interact with one another, make friends, etc. as well as receive some free games, helpful information, etc. in the process!

  • This seems to good to be true... Is it?
Most of our games comes from my own personal arsenal of Humble Bundle game codes I no longer need. The rest of the games were either purchased by me to simply give out, or donated by the game developers, company, etc. to give out to the general public. This being said, 99% of the time I get the games either for free, or out of a humble bundle pack and they're the left over games I do not wish to obtain for myself. On to the how. I give the games out via steam code. Once you either win a giveaway, use your forum currency, or any other means. You will receive a PM with the steam code directly in your inbox on the forums.

  • Is there a catch?
Ahh, the good ol' catch. Everything has a catch. The catch with this site is your activity. We require you to post on the forums, which gives us content, more views, traffic, and in return a little bit of revenue to put back into the forums. Simply, you're activity is the catch to getting the free games.

  • Are there viruses? and Is this a scam?
First of all I'd like to clarify that there are no downloads on the site, thus making it nearly impossible to give your computer a virus through our computer. Secondly, there is no risk on your end at all. There is no hidden payments, nor do we even ask for your credit card unless you decide to help out the forum by becoming a VIP member for just $5 a month. Even with that it's through paypal, and VIP is clearly explained. This...
Humble Bundle gives away Dirt Showdown. Don't know if the game is any good,
but it may look interesting for anybody liking race games .

Go to site
The offer is valid for the next 6.5 hours aka until 18:00/6PM UTC

UTC or GMT is international time. Translate it to your own timezone if you need to.

A big reveal was shown tonight at the Direct with a glorious and beautiful look at Xenoblade 2.

No other info was given.
Congratulations @TerraFrost on winning the Shiftlings Steam Code Giveaway! If everyone could give em' a congratulations on being the winner!

I hope you enjoy your new game, and let us know how you like it! :D

Indiegala is offering some really good deals. Such as Killing Floor 2 for 33% off. For anyone who doesn't know what Killing Floor game is, it's a round based zombie survival game much like Left 4 Dead. It's a really good game, and one I'd highly recommend.
All u need to do is just click install and it will automatically added to your game library. It will stays permanently in your steam account

click here :http://store.steampowered.com/app/463150/
or simply search for the game at steam store :D

** adds +1 to your game count **

- very positive score
- drops 3 of 5 cards

GameHandout is featuring a giveaway for Mushroom 11 on Steamgifts. As a way to both give back to the gaming community and to promote our site!
Hi there ^.^

I've bought a lot of Game bundles lately and more often than not they got games in them I know I don't want to play.
Feel gifted xD

All these keys are from Humble Bundle. To redeem the game go to humblebundle.com/...

Front Mission: Evolved.......................gone
Hitman: Absolution Elite Edition........gone
The Darkness II...................................gone
(Region locked to Germany and Austria. You can try to redeem it even if you don't live there)

Spec Ops: The Line.............................gone
Duke Nukem Forever.........................gone
Sid Meier's Civilization V....................gone
NBA 2K16...........................................gone

The following codes are not steam codes and/or cannot be redeemed over humble bundle. PM me if you want one of these:
Medal of Honor (Direct Activation per Key)
1Password Families 1 year subscription
Todoist Premium 1 year subscription

I'll try to keep it up to date and remove redeemed codes.

P.S.: Yes it's a repost from Xyphien's rpg maker forum. But hey, this is the place to share this stuff, right?